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A Centennial Legend

GRAN CENTENARIO® Tequila has been carrying the Mexican traditions and heritage for centuries. GRAN CENTENARIO is a family owned product that has transcended time and is recognized for its exceptional quality and taste.

GRAN CENTENARIO is made from the finest 100% blue agave plants grown on our estate at high altitudes and submitted to a proprietary process called “Seleccion Suave”. The process consists of selecting a mixture of different barrel batches, to achieve the unique profile that characterizes our tequila: a smooth yet complex profile, with a vast variety of aromas and flavors.

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As Mexico’s most awarded tequila, GRAN CENTENARIO offers a variety of products, including GRAN CENTENARIO Plata, which is rested in new American oak barrels for seven weeks, GRAN CENTENARIO Reposado, which is rested in new American oak barrels for four months, and GRAN CENTENARIO Añejo which is rested in new American oak barrels for 16 months.

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