Hangar one Vodka

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Hangar One Vodka® is a range of all-natural, fruit infused vodkas made in an aircraft hangar just outside of San Francisco in Alameda, California. Hangar One Vodka® was created by legendary distiller Jorg Rupf – now recognized as the founder of the Craft Distilling movement. Named after the World War 2 aircraft hangar in which it is distilled and bottled, Hangar One has become America’s favorite home-grown vodka. The entire range of Hangar One Vodka is infused with real fruit sourced from small farms throughout the United States. The range includes; “Straight,” Mandarin Blossom, Makrut Lime, and Buddha’s Hand Citron. In addition to the core range, Hangar One releases limited batches of ‘Distiller’s Exclusive’ seasonal flavored vodkas, available for purchase exclusively at the distillery.

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